This term we have really been going for it with our blogs and one comment that kept coming up was that it was hard to find the “log-in” link on the site. We have our school blog ( and we also have a number of class blogs too. Each teacher has a login for their class blog and the children have various logins too. We have a number of widgets and menus such as visitor maps or links to our class blogs etc, so the ‘boring’ log-in link got shunted down further and further down the page. One way would be to put it right at the top of the widgets, but that tends to be where the tags or search bit goes. These are the widgets used by visitors, rather than staff and children.

So I had a thought and decided to put the link on the navigation bar along the top where the Pages go. This could be a page called “log-in” and on that page there would be the link. But that requires two clicks. A quick Google search found a plugin called “Page Links to” and like all good plugins, it was simple. Install it and you’re away.

Create a page called “Log-in”. Don’t bother adding text, scroll to the bottom and there is an option for an external link – the log-in page is always Add this link and Publish. That’s it. We have 15 blogs so it took ten minutes to do this on every one, but now we have a simple, easy-to-find log-in link on every blog.

For more plugins that we use in our school, visit: