The term hasn’t even begun yet and I have got 3 events in the calendar where I can meet with other teachers and share ideas. I thought I’d share them in one place to make it easier to find the links:

#tmpompey – Teachmeet Pompey

Tuesday 17th September 6-9pm

Teachmeet Pompey is always different from other Teachmeets. It isn’t the biggest Teachmeet at all, but it’s growing. The first one was in David Rogers’ classroom with about 12 people and the last one had 50+ at the Dockyards. It’s different because there is a game of Laser Quest afterwards that you can join in with if you like, it is not compulsory, but definitely a lot of fun!

This Teachmeet also has a keynote speaker this time in the shape of Tim Rylands. Tim is amazing and always full of great ideas making this well worth attending.


Tim RylandsSign-up here

Wednesday 18th September

This is a separate event from the Teachmeet above, this is Tim Rylands working with a school to help inspire their teachers and their learners. As part of Tim’s time with the school, he is holding an after-school CPD session for teachers from other schools to attend. This will be a great chance to see a fantastic presenter sharing some ideas that can be used in the classroom straight away.


#tmsussex – Teachmeet Sussex

Thursday 10th October 5-7pm

This Teachmeet is exciting because it’s a new one. Jo (@mrspteach) and Ben (@iteachYrR) have set-up a website to take care of the bookings. They have also sorted out prizes 🙂  The great thing is that there will be lots of new teachers that might not have had the chance to attend a Teachmeet before. I hope enough people attend to make it a regular event.


Worthing Teacher Meetup

Date to be arranged

This is an informal gathering of teachers in the Worthing area. This will probably be a meal and a drink or two one Thursday evening and will be a good chance to talk to other teachers, share ideas or maybe even not talk about school-stuff…


Teachmeet Hants

Details are here.

Tuesday 15th October

There is also a #tmhants event added by Naomi Ward at the Petersfield School. This is the first event held in Petersfield and hopefully there will be at least a small number of teachers attending this event.


If you have trouble signing up for any of these, give me a shout and I will add your name to the list.