Google Docs have been updated today and on the Presentation tool you can now add slide transitions! You can add animations! You can even add Word Art!

I’m gutted. I really am.

I love Google Docs and I share their use a lot. One of the things I loved was that the children were forced to use one of 15 templates and couldn’t add any animation or ‘PowerPoint nonsense’. We’ve all seen presentations with too many effects and animations and Google Docs didn’t let you do this. It meant children could make a presentation and focus on the content rather than the look and transitions. These can be important but surely content (and delivery) of a presentation is key.

But today, extra features have been added to Google Docs. These are nice features, but they’re not really new because they already exist in PowerPoint which most people have anyway.

So now it seems to be just like PowerPoint but with collaboration. Obviously this is a massive benefit, but the distinction between the tools is blurring.  I wonder what the children will make of it?

Feel free to share why I am wrong. I have only played with it for ten minutes or so and I might be missing the killer feature, but I loved the simplicity that was there before.