Recently Hampshire have released Flexible Filtering for schools meaning that it is now up to the schools to allow or block certain websites. This is a massive step forward and we have been enjoying this for a few weeks now. Now, despite many Hampshire teachers thinking to the contrary, I think Hampshire have actually been fairly lenient with blocking websites. When I talk to people on Twitter there are many websites where you can get diovan prescription online that are blocked across the country but have always been turned on for us. This new service means that the last few sites that we want to use are now there for us to switch on.

So which sites have I enabled? Twitter, Vimeo and err…that’s about it really!

It is worth noting that Google Images and YouTube were turned on because we have signed up to the filtering service.

Having Google Images, Flickr and YouTube have been fantastic for our children and staff and so far we have had no issues of children finding, or looking for, inappropriate content. I know not every school will have the same experience, but I feel we talk to our children in an open and honest way and they know I could block it again if I wanted or needed to so they don’t bother looking for this content.

Does your LA or school have the ability to allow/block content yet? I think this should be in place for every school but I also know we are very lucky to have it here in Hampshire!

Here’s how it looks.

Here is the category list. If you want to block auctions, just drag that category from one side to the other. The red ones can’t be allowed.


Here’s a list of websites we have turned on. Small isn’t it?


Simply type in the address that you want to allow. I tend to make them wildcards so * will allow just in case doesn’t work.