One thing that I found out at BETT is that Brainpop is now available as a service through our Google Apps login. This means that if you have both Google Apps and Brainpop, you can link the two to make it easier for children to access the resources. Fabulous!

So how do you do it?

Find your admin dashboard e.g. and then visit the Marketplace. Search for Brainpop UK (US is already available) and click ‘Add’.

You then add your Brainpop details and the accounts become linked. So along your Google toolbar you now have Mail/Documents etc and then under ‘more’ you will see Brainpop.

Wonderful. Free too (providing you already subscribe to BrainPOP).

edit – also, another cool feature is the fact that if a child completes a quiz, they can enter their teachers email address and it will send the results to their google docs account. Quite nice 🙂

One day all software will talk to each other in this way…

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide (PDF) if you want to add BrainPOP to your account.

For Brainpop’s blog post, click here.