I had to write a quick post about a truly stunning website that launched recently. I was lucky enough to see it in the first few days of it being online and since then it has grown and grown. The site in question? The Literacy Shed.

Now, literacy has always been something where I have had to work harder to improve on and this site has helped inspire me with many ideas already. The basis of the site is that it is split into many areas such as Myths and Legends, Fairy Tales, Ghosts and Other Cultures. Within these sheds, or pages, there are videos that can be used as the inspiration of a lesson. There are also questions, tips and prompts to help with the lesson(s) too.

The films include ‘old’ classics such as The Piano through to film trailers for the Pixar film “Brave“. The site is amazing and I have spent an hour just watching films that I would never have found on my own and now I can’t wait until September to include some of these in my own lessons.

Another great page is the Non-Literacy shed which includes some fab maths videos, the inspirational story of Caine’s Arcade or a Pixar short to discuss bullying. The site has so much already and it’s only getting bigger.

So, why not visit the Literacy Shed: http://www.literacyshed.com and share your favourite videos.

And while you’re at it, follow @redgierob as he is the man behind the shed.