I’ve been given the exciting/daunting task (delete as applicable) of re-writing all ICT documentation for my new school. They have an old ICT policy and they’ve had a few various bits of documentation but it needs updating. So I am writing them over the next few weeks instead.

Now, along with this, I need to include:

  • Letters to parents about our ICT plans
  • Guidelines about children’s images online
  • Rules for Twitter/Facebook/blogs etc
  • E-Safety
  • Guidelines for our new website
  • Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) for everything
  • Probably some stuff I’ve missed off this list

Does anyone have a list of what is compulsory to have in school? I will be following the ICT Mark as a guideline.

So i’m starting from scratch, but will obviously use the internet to help me. I’ve tweeted asking for help and examples and I’ve had a few sent through. Next stop is browsing various authorities and sites such as Becta to see what advice is available. I will not be re-inventing wheels here!

It does sound like a mammoth task, but then in the next few months alone, I am aiming to launch the VLE, start blogging with every class, set up our new website, start tweeting, introduce our new server/wireless/netbooks across the school…oh and start piloting Live@edu, the county cloud document storage solution. So we need to start these policies and procedures again and make sure that they cover all of these exciting things we are doing so that we can do them correctly and do them safely.

So…do you want to help? I know there are others that want to update policies too. Even if it is just writing guidelines for using Twitter in class, I know people are going to be doing this, so why not share? I’m going to be starting a Google Doc with my thoughts on it, I’ll then share it and we can write the guidelines and policies together. Seems silly us all doing it from scratch doesn’t it?

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll share the Google Doc link with you, if not, wait a few weeks and I’ll post my final documents on here anyway.