I had a meeting today to discuss the launch of a newsletter for children in school. But the meeting wasn’t with staff, but with 3children who had asked if we could set one up. I think I’ve become the person that says yes…
So we had a meeting, planned the content and we decided:
It’ll be weekly.
It’ll be a4, colour and printed. We’ll email it too, but want a physical letter to hand out.
The girls will edit the contributions but I advised them not to do all of the work.
I’m not in charge, they are. My role is to oversee them and make sure they do things properly.
They’ll be the ones writing to sponsors to ask for money to help us fund the colour printing, about £15 a week.

Our next meeting is Monday when we’ll…they’ll… be asking the head if we can go ahead with it. I’m very excited and the first edition is due in 2 or 3weeks.

Only question I have is sponsorship, do I try local companies or do I go for big companies to help us out?