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100WC Questions
Sunday, October 20th, 2013 | Author:

I am writing this post because I have been asked by a few people how I actually use the 100 Word Challenge within school. So I though I would share a few ideas to get you started. This week, over 1000 children have contributed to the weekly prompt for the first time. I wonder how long it is until over 2000 posts a week are submitted?


Where do the children write their posts? 

In our school we have blogs: www.ridersblogs.co.uk and this is setup using WordPress Multisite. This means that each blog I create is a sub-blog from the main one. I have created a blog for the 100 Word Challenge: www.ridersblogs.co.uk/100wc and every class has a login. The children are aware of the login and password and because of restrictions I have put in place, the children write their posts but it won’t go live on the site until I check it. When the children are writing their post, they add their name into the tags so that we can search for all of the posts from a particular child quickly.

You could of course have any blog just for 100 Word Challenge, but WordPress Multisite lets me manage it easily. I don’t post them onto the class blogs as they would quickly get filled if 30 children were writing on there every week!

How do I use the prompts without a blog?

When I am first showing the 100 Word Challenge to people, I suggest that they use it within class as part of  Literacy lessons or maybe morning tasks. To start with, I help the children witht he planning stages. Use the prompt and see what ideas they have. Will their writing be a letter or a story? What about something else? What characters or settings are there?

Last year, I wrote the prompt (or printed if it was a picture) and put it on the wall in the classroom. The children could then write about this during the week, maybe for 5minutes a day during registration or as one of the activities in a reading carousel. This gets them used to using the prompt and writing around 100 words. I often get the children to peer assess these as they can then look through them and build up their awareness of targets and the content of writing rather than just marking and saying “your writing is neat”.

The 100Word Challenge…Live!
Saturday, September 21st, 2013 | Author:

I have been a fan of the 100 Word Challenge for a long time. For those that aren’t aware, this is a weekly prompt provided by Julia Skinner (@theheadsoffice).  The idea is that children will then write 100 words based on the prompt which may be a picture or phrase. They write about this on their class blog and then link to it on the 100 Word Challenge blog. Then Julia’s team leave comments to help encourage the children to write more, to include more features and to share their writing with the world.

I blogged about it here and here.

This week, we were lucky enough to have Julia visit my new school. She worked with two groups of children from Year 4 to Year 6 and I was a little unsure how it would go. We are still at the start of term and I wasn’t sure if the children would want to write to their best ability, but with a bit of prompting and support, they have produced some amazing work.

To view this, visit www.ridersblogs.co.uk/100wc – they would love to have comments from other people too!

Having Julia there made the 100 Word Challenge even more exciting. The children came out of the session buzzing and thanked me for getting her into school. I hope that I can continue to inspire them in the coming weeks!

To find out more about Julia’s work in schools, visit here.

Some Resources for a New Year
Sunday, September 02nd, 2012 | Author:

For many teachers, this week sees the return to the classroom and I have found that there are so many places to get great ideas and resources so I thought I would share some that I have been using lately. Some are old favourites, some are relatively new sites.

Literacy Shed – http://www.literacyshed.com (created by @redgierob)

I love this site. It is beautiful and I can’t believe how quickly it has grown. The site comprises of a range of videos covering different areas of Literacy such as Adventure, Fantasy or Mystery. There are also loads of other videos that cover other cultures or inspiration or animation and there are often ideas of how to use these videos in the classroom. One of the earlier examples was the animation from Pixar showing the birds on the telephone wire. This video could be used to discuss bullying. This can be found here. Another example is the clip from Finding Nemo that shows Nemo going to school for the first time. I will be using this tomorrow with my class to discuss feelings about the new school year and talking about any worries the children might have about joining Year 3.  (I must say that not all of the videos are from Pixar!!)

Videos are on YouTube and/or Vimeo so providing that is allowed in school, you’ll be fine.

7PuzzleBlog – http://7puzzleblog.com/ (created by @7puzzle)

This is a site that I will be using every week. Each day there are three (or four) challenges posted related to various different areas of Maths. These challenges are great for the start of a Maths lesson to get children thinking. I will be using these with my top-set Year 3/4 and although the site is only a few months old, there is a huge stack of challenges already.

An example challenge is below.

From the following list:

3   7   10   11   15   16   17   27   30   32   36   48   49   56   64   72   80   81

find the ONLY number left remaining when you eliminate:

  • square numbers
  • multiples of 8
  • factors of 60
  • prime numbers

Teaching Websites – http://www.teachingwebsites.co.uk/ (created by @markw29)

This is a collection of sites created by Mark Warner that include useful appz for tablets, great videos and also teaching news. There are loads of great tools here and it is well worth having a look.

Ideas to Inspire/Interesting Wayswww.ideastoinspire.co.uk (also Mark’s site)

I love the Interesting Ways series and these could be used for staff meetings and you’d still not be able to use everything in one year. There are tips for using tools from Wordle to Prezi and from Nintendo DSs to Visualisers. These are great crowd-sourced tips to get anyone started.

QuadBlogging – http://quadblogging.net/ (created by @deputymitchell)

We will be blogging (via www.stjohnsblogs.co.uk/class8) and one of the first things I did this Summer was to sign-up to the Quad Blogging movement started by David Mitchell. The aim is to link your class blog with 3 other classes to help promote the blogs to an audience. This project has had a massive impact to schools across the world and this term there are over 100 quads that will hopefully be blogging and commenting! Our quad consists of schools in Australia, New Zealand and the United States so it will definitely be bringing our learning to a wider audience.

100 Word Challenge / 5 Sentence Challenge – http://100wc.net (created by @theheadsoffice)

Another project that I have never really got involved in before is the 100 Word Challenge. This is a weekly challenge where Julia will set a prompt containing a few words or a picture and the children then write 100 words on that prompt. The 5 Sentence challenge is a similar concept, but for less-able writers. The children then write a blog post containing their 100 words and post the link on the 100WC page. Our aim will be to blog as many of the entries as we can but we may start by using it as a morning activity during the register.

Rethinking ICT – http://rethinkingict.wikispaces.com/ (created by @chrisleach)

There has been a lot of talk about the ICT curriculum and thinking about how we can approach this in a new way. Chris’ site has been developing a lot recently and is well worth a visit. As the year progresses, more content will be added and it will be a key tool in planning exciting ICT lessons.


And a few of my sites…

ICT Planningwww.ictplanning.co.uk

I have been trying to get this up and running for a few months now and it is coming together now. I have been adding some how-to guides, lesson plans and blog posts about different tools that we are going to use. I have also linked other ICT curricula on the site too. I hope that it will be useful for anyone that is thinking on changing their ICT curriculum this year.

Under Ten Minuteswww.undertenminutes.com

Another job in the coming weeks is to add more videos on to this tutorial site. I have added a couple lately and the idea is that there will be videos to cover a range of software and websites that we use in school.


What sites and resources will you be using this year?


Thank You Mrs Skinner
Monday, July 18th, 2011 | Author:

Thank you Mrs Skinner for setting up the 100word challenge and for commenting on our blog posts. The 100word challenge has given our children a great reason to write and to post on their blogs.

For those that don’t know, Mrs Skinner has been fantastic in viewing and commenting on our blogs all year long and I think it is a great idea that Mrs Scott has setup this special 100word challenge just to thank her. If you don’t follow Mrs Skinner on Twitter, she is @theheadsoffice

Roll on next year and even more 100word challenges!

More info: http://www.theheadsoffice.co.uk/

Mrs Scott’s 100word challenge: http://stjohnsblogs.co.uk/class6/mrs-scotts-100-word-challenge/ 

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