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Sunday, December 07th, 2014 | Author:

It’s that time of year again, BETT is only a few weeks away so it’s time to start getting organised. Once again Teachmeet Takeover is there as an avenue for teachers to hijack stands and share ideas. Each year we have some very generous companies and exhibitors who give up part of their stand to teachers who then give presentations about what is happening in their classroom. This can be on anything, the main point being that it is an idea that can be taken away and adapted for other schools and settings.

I have created the Wiki for this year’s Takeover and that can be found here: http://bit.ly/tmtakeover2015

Firstly, we need some exhibitors to volunteer part of their timetable. So if you know anyone, please show them this wiki and get them to add their details. Once we have some confirmed times, then teachers can start adding presentations.

Please use the #tmtakeover2015 hashtag too.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch.

PS: I can’t answer any questions about the “proper” Teachmeet in the evening. Please wait for information.

#TMTakeover at BETT 2014
Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 | Author:

This post has been written to ask for your help and support. Each year for the past four years, there has been a Takeover event at BETT. This is where companies give up their stand for half hour slots so that teachers can come and present on a range of free software, ideas or experiences from the classrooms.

I have created a sign-up page for the Takeover but at the moment, I don’t want or need any presentations because we haven’t got any companies on-board. That is where you come in. Do you have a contact at a company that is presenting at BETT? Could you ask/persuade them to give up 30 minutes so that we can share some ideas? If you can, direct them to the page below or ask them to get in touch with either myself or @ictmagic and we can talk to them about what is involved.

Once we have a number of timeslots available, we will ask for teachers to sign-up to present ideas. Hopefully we can get a range of different sessions across the four days of BETT.


To sign-up, please visit the TMTakeover wiki page here.

BETT – Teachmeet Takeover and Kidsmeet Takeover
Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 | Author:

This post is just to announce that the wiki pages for Teachmeet Takeover and Kidsmeet Takeover at BETT2013 are now live.

If you are unaware, a Takeover is where a company gives up part of their stand for 30 minutes so that a teacher or group of children, can share some ideas about anything. This is usually a free tool or idea and it should be something that can be easily replicated in the classroom.

For example, last year two of my children discussed Popplet on the Scholastic stand and then I talked about 5 cool web 2.0 tools on the Rising Stars stand. It can be anything that you have used or tried in your classroom. A good way to approach this is get someone to share a 30minute timeslot with.

So what do we need? Well we need two things. Firstly we need people willing to present and secondly we need companies willing to share their stand with the presenters, If you are one of those, then click the links below and sign-up on the Wiki.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

PS: Yes, there is a Teachmeet on the Friday of BETT and no, details aren’t all sorted yet!

Teachmeet Takeover at BETT2013

Kidsmeet Takeover at BETT2013

Teachmeet Takeover Bett2012
Sunday, December 04th, 2011 | Author:

You have probably started to think about your trip to the Bett Show in January. Will you go along looking for new ideas or a great piece of software that you’ve been missing in your school? Or will you be like many of us and go along to share and collaborate with others?

For me, Bett is about talking to like-minded teachers from across the country and being able to share ideas and bounce things around with them. Twitter really comes alive when you meet the people behind the tweets and at Bett2010 I was able to do that when I attended (and presented at) some of the Teachmeet Takeovers that were happening around the Bett Show.

In a nutshell, a takeover is when a teacher goes and presents on a stand about an idea or resource that is nothing to do with the company whose stand they are on. Now, there are some companies that REALLY get this idea and some that don’t. One company asked my why would anyone want to give up their paid-for slot just for some teachers? Luckily, we have some great supporters to help us out. We have created a wiki page and some of the supporters of previous Takeovers such as Scholastic, Rising Stars and BrainPop have already signed up to offer their stands to teachers who want to share ideas.

If you are familiar with the Takeover format and style then you will be pleased to know that we have changed very little. The biggest change is that we are asking for presentations to be 15 minutes in length. Previously they tended to be half hour and this is too much for the audience and attention span at Bett. Also, we didn’t have Takeovers on the Wednesday before as it tends to be quieter but we are giving it a go this year.

To sign-up, click the link below. Then you log-in and add your name into a slot on the table. Remember that slots are 30 minutes so we will ideally like 2 people per slot to fill it up.

So why not sign-up and present for 15 minutes? What have you got to lose?

If you’re not brave enough to present, you can still help. When you go to Bett, attend some of the takeovers and presentations. Be the supportive voice in the crowd or try and encourage others to watch too.

If you have a stand at Bett (or you know someone that does), please edit the document to add your names and contact details! 


And for blog posts on previous Takeovers…try Tom Barrett’s blog here or here or the BrainPop post here.

*Please note, there will be details about the Teachmeet event at Bett soon*