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Some Resources for a New Year
Sunday, September 02nd, 2012 | Author:

For many teachers, this week sees the return to the classroom and I have found that there are so many places to get great ideas and resources so I thought I would share some that I have been using lately. Some are old favourites, some are relatively new sites.

Literacy Shed – http://www.literacyshed.com (created by @redgierob)

I love this site. It is beautiful and I can’t believe how quickly it has grown. The site comprises of a range of videos covering different areas of Literacy such as Adventure, Fantasy or Mystery. There are also loads of other videos that cover other cultures or inspiration or animation and there are often ideas of how to use these videos in the classroom. One of the earlier examples was the animation from Pixar showing the birds on the telephone wire. This video could be used to discuss bullying. This can be found here. Another example is the clip from Finding Nemo that shows Nemo going to school for the first time. I will be using this tomorrow with my class to discuss feelings about the new school year and talking about any worries the children might have about joining Year 3.  (I must say that not all of the videos are from Pixar!!)

Videos are on YouTube and/or Vimeo so providing that is allowed in school, you’ll be fine.

7PuzzleBlog – http://7puzzleblog.com/ (created by @7puzzle)

This is a site that I will be using every week. Each day there are three (or four) challenges posted related to various different areas of Maths. These challenges are great for the start of a Maths lesson to get children thinking. I will be using these with my top-set Year 3/4 and although the site is only a few months old, there is a huge stack of challenges already.

An example challenge is below.

From the following list:

3   7   10   11   15   16   17   27   30   32   36   48   49   56   64   72   80   81

find the ONLY number left remaining when you eliminate:

  • square numbers
  • multiples of 8
  • factors of 60
  • prime numbers

Teaching Websites – http://www.teachingwebsites.co.uk/ (created by @markw29)

This is a collection of sites created by Mark Warner that include useful appz for tablets, great videos and also teaching news. There are loads of great tools here and it is well worth having a look.

Ideas to Inspire/Interesting Wayswww.ideastoinspire.co.uk (also Mark’s site)

I love the Interesting Ways series and these could be used for staff meetings and you’d still not be able to use everything in one year. There are tips for using tools from Wordle to Prezi and from Nintendo DSs to Visualisers. These are great crowd-sourced tips to get anyone started.

QuadBlogging – http://quadblogging.net/ (created by @deputymitchell)

We will be blogging (via www.stjohnsblogs.co.uk/class8) and one of the first things I did this Summer was to sign-up to the Quad Blogging movement started by David Mitchell. The aim is to link your class blog with 3 other classes to help promote the blogs to an audience. This project has had a massive impact to schools across the world and this term there are over 100 quads that will hopefully be blogging and commenting! Our quad consists of schools in Australia, New Zealand and the United States so it will definitely be bringing our learning to a wider audience.

100 Word Challenge / 5 Sentence Challenge – http://100wc.net (created by @theheadsoffice)

Another project that I have never really got involved in before is the 100 Word Challenge. This is a weekly challenge where Julia will set a prompt containing a few words or a picture and the children then write 100 words on that prompt. The 5 Sentence challenge is a similar concept, but for less-able writers. The children then write a blog post containing their 100 words and post the link on the 100WC page. Our aim will be to blog as many of the entries as we can but we may start by using it as a morning activity during the register.

Rethinking ICT – http://rethinkingict.wikispaces.com/ (created by @chrisleach)

There has been a lot of talk about the ICT curriculum and thinking about how we can approach this in a new way. Chris’ site has been developing a lot recently and is well worth a visit. As the year progresses, more content will be added and it will be a key tool in planning exciting ICT lessons.


And a few of my sites…

ICT Planningwww.ictplanning.co.uk

I have been trying to get this up and running for a few months now and it is coming together now. I have been adding some how-to guides, lesson plans and blog posts about different tools that we are going to use. I have also linked other ICT curricula on the site too. I hope that it will be useful for anyone that is thinking on changing their ICT curriculum this year.

Under Ten Minuteswww.undertenminutes.com

Another job in the coming weeks is to add more videos on to this tutorial site. I have added a couple lately and the idea is that there will be videos to cover a range of software and websites that we use in school.


What sites and resources will you be using this year?


Northern Grid Conference #ngconf
Friday, June 24th, 2011 | Author:

Today I am in Newcastle presenting at the Northern Grid Conference. I am still shocked and in disbelief that I have been invited to attend let alone share a workshop with award-winning teacher Jan Webb. Anyways, it was tough knowing what to share so I decided to share 15 ideas in 15 minutes. Now I know that is a lot but I wanted to give a brief overview of some tools that people could use for free. Then they could look at this blog post here and review the presentation and look at the 3x3links of the tools, how-to videos, blog posts and examples. Hopefully everyone will find at least one tool that they can use with their children.



To be free or not be free?
Monday, March 14th, 2011 | Author:

So, a few weeks ago I wrote about the launch of www.undertenminutes.com which is a video site with videos in er…under ten minutes. The response has been amazing and there have been 11,700 pages displayed and 3,400 unique visits in just 19 days. Which is great. But now I have to make a decision.

Do I just use the site to share videos for free stuff? Or could we allow paid-for content too?

I think that the site should be used for videos for any tech at all. Here’s why…

1) A lot of us have paid-for tech and software in our school. How-to videos for this content might be very useful!

2) What does free mean anyway? Most things seem to have a paid-for element too them anyway, so it would be silly to cap it at free-only stuff.

3) There is only so much free stuff out there, the site could run its course very quickly.

So, I have decided that as long as a video isn’t an advert or a sales pitch, it should be allowed. Now I know this may be hard to judge, I mean showing 10 minutes of a product is quite a good advert, but it is my site and if I deem it to be too advert-y, it’ll get removed. I think similar rules to a Teachmeet should be encouraged. The video should focus on how to do something and how to do it in the classroom. By teachers who have been there and done that. Not by a sales rep.

What do you think?

What videos should we allow? Should we block anything?

Under Ten Minutes
Thursday, February 24th, 2011 | Author:

It has been a busy half term so far, I’ve made 3 new websites. One is a blog for my local pyramid of schools (www.swanmorepyramid.co.uk) where we will be sharing ideas and tips across the schools. It will also be a way of getting the non-blogging schools to start without them setting one up themselves. The 2nd website isn’t quite ready yet (blog about it tomorrow) and the third is a video site.

Now, there are video sites available already including the excellent www.ictvideohelp.co.uk made by my friend Phil Bagge (@baggiepr) but I wanted something different. I have linked to the sites that I know about, but please let me know if I am missing yours.  Due to my location in Portsmouth, I find it difficult to travel to a lot of Teachmeets as they are so far away but I often volunteer, or am asked, to make a video presentation on how to use X Y or Z in the classroom. I was sharing these videos on my blog here, but I wondered if there was a better way and of course there was. So I made a new site in WordPress and asked some friends to make me some videos too. One is live already and a few more are on their way…

The videos will show how to use something in under ten minutes. This is just enough time to squeeze in at the end of a staff meeting, even tired teachers have ten minutes of concentration left in them at 4:45pm. The videos will try and cover either beginner’s use of a tool or advanced use of a tool. Maybe we could extend and do a 5min video on using blogging in maths or something, but that will come later. Videos are uploaded to any video site and embedded in the post which allows comments to be shared too.

Anyone can post a video and it can be done using screen capture software like Jing or Camtasia or just a webcam or digital camera as you present your idea. These are then uploaded and tagged for others to find. To upload either send me the Vimeo/Viddler/Youtube link or email me and I’ll give you a login for the website itself. I want this site to belong to everyone and I don’t want to be the only one sharing videos (in fact, the less management of it I do, the better!)

So, hopefully it will be useful to you, if you have any questions, comments or ideas then you know where I am.

I hope you like it:-) www.undertenminutes.com

Edit: There is a Twitter account too @undertenminutes