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Android Apps – WordPress
Saturday, November 15th, 2014 | Author:

To enable us to blog on our Android tablets, we have installed WordPress. We already have a self-hosted WordPress site so this is by far the best app to use to help us blog directly from the tablets.


Once installed, it will ask you to sign in. This is for users with a blog at wordpress.com. Here you simply type your username and password.



If you have a self-hosted site e.g. www.ridersblogs.co.uk then minimising the keyboard shows the option to add the self-hosted information too. Here you add the username, password and the address of your blogs.


From here you are provided with a slimmed-down version of the WordPress site but it gives you everything you’ll need and you can browse comments and pages or simply press the “+” to add a new post.

Skitch    Screenshot_2014-11-15-16-44-11

Clicking on the screen will bring up the keyboard and clicking on the gallery (the red arrow) will give the option to add photos (right). Minimising the keyboard gives the option to publish when done.

With Android there is also the option to publish directly from other apps such as the Gallery or Skitch by pressing the share button share

From here you get a list of ways you can share (below) and one of these is WordPress. We found a slight problem with this as the default image for WordPress is set to 2000 pixels wide, which is huge and looked ridiculous. After much Googling, we found a (really obvious) solution.


So we went into the settings page by pressing the menu option and then clicked on the name of the blog and changed the default image to around 400 pixels. This seems to be working for us at the moment.

Screenshot_2014-11-15-15-57-04  Screenshot_2014-11-15-15-57-17




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Adding Links in WordPress
Saturday, November 03rd, 2012 | Author:

This term we have really been going for it with our blogs and one comment that kept coming up was that it was hard to find the “log-in” link on the site. We have our school blog (www.stjohnsblogs.co.uk) and we also have a number of class blogs too. Each teacher has a login for their class blog and the children have various logins too. We have a number of widgets and menus such as visitor maps or links to our class blogs etc, so the ‘boring’ log-in link got shunted down further and further down the page. One way would be to put it right at the top of the widgets, but that tends to be where the tags or search bit goes. These are the widgets used by visitors, rather than staff and children.

So I had a thought and decided to put the link on the navigation bar along the top where the Pages go. This could be a page called “log-in” and on that page there would be the link. But that requires two clicks. A quick Google search found a plugin called “Page Links to” and like all good plugins, it was simple. Install it and you’re away.

Create a page called “Log-in”. Don’t bother adding text, scroll to the bottom and there is an option for an external link – the log-in page is always www.whateveryourblogiscalled.co.uk/wp-admin. Add this link and Publish. That’s it. We have 15 blogs so it took ten minutes to do this on every one, but now we have a simple, easy-to-find log-in link on every blog.

For more plugins that we use in our school, visit: http://stjohnsblogs.co.uk/which-plugins/

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A useful plugin for WordPress
Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 | Author:

This post will appeal to about 0.1% of you, but for me, it marked a huge win and a triumph that I have finally found the answer to my problems.

We have one main school blog and then on each class blog we have a list of links that relate to our other blogs. The idea is that from any of our blogs, whether it be class 3, class 10 or the outdoor blog, you can get to all of the others.

This was setup manually so on each of our 15-or-so blogs I had to manually enter the addresses for the other blogs. They have changed a few times during the year (added reception, removed school council) and it’s been a pain.

But then today I found the Diamond Multisite Widget (available here) and this just automatically adds all of your blogs onto your page and you can also choose to add the latest comments from across your whole-school blog site too. I previously had the latest comments per blog e.g. the latest 5 from the clubs blog, now it shows them all. I’m much happier. It all looks better 🙂

Anyways, that was my little success today.

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