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The Red Fish…
Monday, September 13th, 2010 | Author:

I was convinced I had blogged about this before, but I couldn’t find it so I’m doing it now.

With our YEar 1s this week we’ve been looking at Poisson Rouge, this is a fantastic website that children love and some adults can’t stand. Why? There are no instructions. Click the mouse somewhere, drag it somewhere else and things will happen.

You start the journey in the playroom (below), try dragging the bird down or playing with the woodpecker. Alternatively, click on something, anything.

Hover over the castles in the bottom-left and go and learn a language. Maybe it’s French or maybe for your younger children, it’s English.

Also in the ‘playroom’ you’ll find constellations that form dot-to-dots, a scary choir, a board game or well, anything really! But the real challenge comes when you go through the window. This is where your time will disappear.

Through the window there is a different challenge entirely, one tht lets you hunt and find objects/fruit. There are 40+ activities and 8 objects. Some are easy, such as on the car level (below) and others are very well hidden! Don’t forget to use the map to explore properly.

This really is a fantastic website. Children can explore everything from mouse control to languages and from counting to popart. Do have a play, they’ll love it!

But they’re only Year 1’s!
Wednesday, September 08th, 2010 | Author:

This isn’t a blog post about my first few days at my new school, I;m going to wait until Friday to review the week, this is just a short one about the little ‘uns.

When I was training teachers on how to use the VLE, I used to constantly hear them say ‘But I work with Year 2, they can’t do it’ or ‘my children are only in Year R, they can’t log on’. No matter what you said, there was resistance from some people.

Today it was my turn. I had Year 1-2 children. Using our new netbooks. Logging on with their own username. For the first time ever.

OK, so how to start? I magpied an idea from the excellent Emma Goto, who is an ICT Advanced Skills Teacher here in Hampshire and is an expert in working with KS1 and Foundation. For each child, I gave them a copy of a keyboard, below, and they coloured in the letters that they were going to need to find. With younger children there can be  the problem of them not recognising capitals and lower-case letters. So I gave them their name in lower-case and their logon name in capitals. Colouring in the letters definitely helped. We also coloured in the fullstop and enter keys. These cards are now laminated too.

Within 10 minutes, the whole class of 31 had  on with only 4 needing help for missing letters. Next time, we’ll be even quicker!