This time of year comes around very quickly. No not the Christmas thing, the Teachmeet at Bett thing. Somehow, like last year, I have had a small part in helping to organise is. Just like last year we started discussing it ages ago yet we reach December and we’re only just letting other people know about it! Oops…

Anyway, for those that don’t know, there is a Teachmeet event on the Friday night at the Bett show and this involves teachers sharing ideas with each other. My first-ever Teachmeet was at Bett2010 and I was the first up to present!

This year we are following many of the same procedures we started last year. The tickets are available through Eventbrite and they are available to teachers first. Later we will open this up to advisors and other people but for now, it’s all about the teachers!

So sign up quick. There are limited places and it always fills the room.

For more details check out the Teachmeet wiki and why not sign up to do a presentation? It would be AMAZING to get some new people presenting this year. I promise it isn’t that scary. It’s only 7 (or even 2) minutes long.

Anyway, for a more informative post, check out Ian Usher’s which is over here and I hope to see you all at Teachmeet, the Takeovers or somewhere else at the BETT show!