Yes, I know. It’s the summer holidays, but still teachers all over the place are still learning, still sharing and still thinking about ways to improve their teaching. Twitter has been buzzing all summer with ideas and yesterday, teachers descended on Pembrokeshire for the latest Teachmeet. I’ve talked about Teachmeet before here and it really is a great way to share with other professionals. TMBev, or Teachmeet Pembrokeshire, began because Bev Evans (@bevevans22) lives miles away from the rest of the people on Twitter and always has to travel for hours to get to Teachmeet events, so it was suggested that she held her own Teachmeet instead. People travelled from Hampshire, Southport, Kent and beyond to attend this event.

This Teachmeet had a mixture of travelling folk and local people from Bev’s school in attendance. It was great to have this mix of people. As always, I was picked randomly to go first and throughout the event I presented on a few different topics.

I talked about Google Squared (evident here and here), Poisson Rouge, Vital ICT and Twitter. Other presentations included blogging, Purple Mash, 2DIY, presenting internet research, using ipod touches, creative homework, forest classrooms and oh yeah…some bloke trying to make us all sing.

It was a great event and people were jotting down lots of ideas. As usual, we streamed the event live with 125 unique visitors to the stream at some point and luckily this time, I remembered to press record! I have provided links below and this is to the unedited stream. If someone would like to go through and edit this into small chunks, please let me know. I’m going on holiday on Friday so I don’t have time to sort it this week! I didn’t realise there was a maximum record time, so part one is 3hrs and part 2 is just under an hour. We still recorded while going to break, that was about 40minutes or so. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed attending.

Well done to Bev and the sponsors for a fantastic event!

Part One:

Part Two:

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And finally…

<rant> One (possibly) worrying trend and this has been evident at TMEast, TMBev and at a recently announced TMMidlands, is the timing. Why are these events being held at weekends or during holidays? Everyone that has been to a Teachmeet can see the amazing value of attending, so why do we keep organising them in our own time? Maybe they should be held during schooltime and be valued as much as (or more) than ‘traditional’ CPD. I think this might need some thought and discussion at a later date. </rant>