On the 8th September I will be hosting the #ukedchat session and as usual, I’m doing things a little differently – (although thinking about it, I’ve done this a few times, so it’s not that different for me!). Instead of the normal vote, I’m going to pick a topic for the session. I really wanted the session on September 1st, but hey…

So the topic will be: ‘What are your targets for the new year?’

This could be something like:

  • improving writing or maths
  • starting a blog
  • being a ‘proper’ teacher (if you were an NQT)
  • being a teacher (if it’s your first class)
What are your targets for this year? What new things will you be trying? What advice have you got for others? What could we be trying? Maybe you want to get involved with Quadblogging? The 100 word challenge? Google Apps? Who knows!
This is the chance to meet with other people and discuss ideas for the year ahead. Hopefully you will get at least one other person trying the same thing and you can ‘buddy-up’ ¬†with them and have a talking partner for the year?
If everyone meets one new person and takes away one idea, it will have been a success. You can start discussing this in the comments below if you like, or send a message and add the #ukedchat hashtag. Then join me at 8pm on the 8th September. See you then!