I’ve been thinking for a while now that I do loads online and it’s only when I speak to people that I realise not everyone is the same. I am well known in my family for being the person that can get a deal and this isn’t in the Delboy sort of way, I just know how to shop online properly.

Firstly, I always get the MoneySavingExpert newsletter. This is a weekly email with loads of top tips. Most of it I ignore, but every few weeks there is something useful. This is how I found the cashback sites. The one that I use the most is Quidco. The idea is that instead of just going to Amazon, Play or Tesco online, you visit Quidco first and then go to the sites, thus earning you a small percentage back in cashback.

I’ve been using these US real money sites for nearly two years and I’ve been paid about £270 with £70 more on its way (I’ve just booked a holiday, hence the big payment due). Most of that has been when I have needed to renew car insurance or cottage insurance. I must say that I always Go compare meerkats and that too to make sure I get the best deal, but cashback helps too.

Some examples of how it has worked for me:

  • Charlie’s RAC renewal was £50, but as a new customer I got £35 cashback instead
  • £20 cashback when making a £20 bet with William Hill or £25 back for a £10 bet with Paddy Power. Free betting! (be sensible etc etc I don’t condone gambling and that)
  • £45 back on the (already cheapest) home insurance via Sheila’s Wheels
  • The reason for today’s post – 1 month free trial with Netflix and Lovefile coming in at £33 cashback
So to join Quidco, you can use my referral link or just visit the site. Visiting via the referral link will pay me £2.50 once you have made £5 cashback of your own. But if you don’t want me to profit then just go to www.quidco.com, no bother to me 🙂
For more in-depth cashback site information, visit the MoneySavingExpert.