Do you find that you love using video in your school but find it difficult to show it to others? We have that issue as Youtube is blocked and Vimeo recently joined it on the blocked list too. However I was messing about with plugins for our school website and found Viddler.

Viddler is free for 2gb of storage and allows videos to be embedded too. I started with a school account, but at the end of a video, it shows other videos by that user and I soon realised a school account wasn’t what I wanted. So I changed the plan. Now I have just finished setting up 1 account per class and another for things like our sports blog and school council. These will work brilliantly with our new flip cameras as well.

I’ve made a quick guide for my staff, but feel free to borrow and adapt if you like, you can find it here.

One other nice little touch is being able to add your school’s logo to the player so it is always available in the corner when videos are playing.

Examples of our videos can be found on our blogs, below:

Class 3

Class 5