Over the last week, Colin Hill and I have been enrolled to manage a Primary ICT Coordinators Community within the website of Vital

The idea of the community is to build a space where Primary ICT coordinators can share and discuss ideas, challenges, resources and success stories to colleagues around the country. The luxury of the two of us taking the role is the wide range of networks we both have access to, as well as advocating a north/south partnership, with myself flying the flag from my base in Hampshire, and Colin from his North West England Base. Colin and I are both Primary School teachers with responsibility of ICT in our own locations, so we are very are of the challenges and tasks undertaken by colleagues across the primary sector.

We are not trying to create this group FOR Primary ICT Coordinators, but WITH them instead. This is a group that we would like everyone to contribute to and for everyone to bring their ideas and issues to share with the forums. We will not be creating huge amounts from scratch but bringing together the best resources already available and trying to put them into one place. We will be hosting weekly online chats to discuss certain topics and this may be in a similar vein to #ukedchat but with a greater focus on ICT matters. Users will need to register on the Vital site, but this is free following this link, and we will be contacting people via our own networks to make the community engaging, challenging, and supportive for ICT coordinators.

There are already a few discussion forums underway on the site, so visit the community pages here to see the work in progress, or to join in the discussion.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate them. We look forward to seeing you there!