Third post in a day, they’re like buses at the moment. I still have a few more to do, but they can wait.

So…how did it start? I was checking tweets and watching Teachmeet East and @eyebeams mentioned it would be useful to have a map of Twitter people and their locations so we could look at potential venues or areas for Teachmeets. I’ve used Google Maps before, so a quick few clicks and a DM or two to check it and we now have it. Teachmap.

Basically, it is a freely editable map of the UK, you press edit and add your location. Better yet, add your school’s location so we don’t all get to find out your address. Change the colour of your pin to identify yourself as a primary or secondary, write a few bits about yourself and save it. Voila, one UK map of Twitter people. Within half an hour, we have had 546 views, so it’s going strong already.

Will it be useful? Who knows
Will be be able to plan Teachmeets from this? I don’t know
Is it interesting? Yeah I guess so

If nothing else, you can at least extend your Twitter network with some other teachers that are local to you.

So, why not join us? Click on the link and turn yourself into a pin on our map.