I’ve got a confession to make, not one that I’m ashamed of at all, but a confession all the same. I’ve never voted before. I know that some people will be up in arms about me abusing my right or whatever, but the truth is, my parents (as far as I’m aware) have never voted either. I’ve always just been led to believe that there’s no point voting as they’re all the same and nothing really changes. I think everyone is agreed that some things need to change. Petrol is too expensive, many people would rather claim benefits than actually go and work and in schools, children are being tested to destruction.

So what’s different this time around?

Although I might be a first-time voter, I have been able to vote for the past ten years. The difference this time has been my network on Twitter. I have spent time reading websites that my network have brought to my attention and choosing to watch political programmes such as Question Time or Newsnight. I must be mad. My girlfriend certainly thinks so.

The majority of the discussions within my network on Twitter have been about the crazy ideas from Mr Gove, Shadow Children’s Secretary. One second he says that teachers should be allowed freedom to teach and the next he says that he wants children sitting in rows and reciting poems. (Here) I’ve read that article a few times and sometimes it makes me laugh and others it makes me want to cry. I don’t know the kings and queens of England and I would like to think that I’ve turned out alright. And I can Google them if necessary. How can you give teachers freedom but tell them how to arrange their classroom? Ridiculous. As for parents starting their own school…well, that again is ludicrous.

I’m not saying that education is perfect at the moment, as I write there are meetings with heads and governors about boycotting the SATs, but surely any teacher in their right mind can see that voting Tory would be catastrophic.

So does this mean voting for Lib Dem? I mean Nick is pretty good on the telly isn’t he? Obviously this isn’t a good reason to vote but it’s the reason many will choose him. I like the idea of smaller classes but without finding money for more teachers or more classrooms, it probably isn’t feasible.

So it all leaves lots of tough decisions, but I know the main thing is that because of people on my Twitter network, I am now taking an interest in politics. Now I just have to decide if that is a good thing or not!

Below are some multiple choice surveys to give you an idea if you’re unsure of how to vote…

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