First off, this blog post is not going to give the definitive answer to blogging, many other sites have done that before and some are examples are listed below. This post is designed to give people some ideas, some links and hopefully get them into blogging either personally or with their class.
This half-term, my ICT cluster were meeting to discuss blogging and the presentation I showed can be found here. I started planning the session by asking my Twitter network why they blog and what they saw as the value. I collated these answers and pasted them into a Primary pad (this pad actually). I then thought it would be useful to show these as a Wordle and that looked a bit like this:

This was used as a starter to discuss the potential of blogging and you can see that ideas, learning and audience are three of the key things that people appreciate when blogging.

As part of the blogging session, we looked at examples such as @deputymitchell‘s excellent Year 6 blog, @OliverQuinlan‘s wonderful blog that he showed at Bett and @charliedeane‘s blog which is very much in its infancy.

@tombarrett asked a few months ago if anyone had a blog, (here’s his blogging stuff) but if you start a blog or if you want to share it, then please do.  I’m sure I can pair you up with another school and you can share your learning with them.

Hopefully some of the teachers from the meeting will now start blogs with their class and hopefully if they do, some of you will help them out and add some comments on to their blogs too.  I’m still a blogging beginner, but I find it useful and it’s a great way to share ideas. What if no-one reads it? Well that’s up to them I guess.

Do you have any comments about blogging that you can share with my ICT Cluster?