Something I did at my old school was to list the skills and attributes for a child leaving my school. If they could meet all of the requirements, we’d done a good job. We wrote the original list 3 years ago, but what would be on the 2010 list? Although come to think of it, the list is for 2011 children at least!I think it is key to know what you want to achieve and then you can decide how to get there. What I will be doing is writing a ‘Year 6’ list, then adapting it for Year 2 and Year 4 to see how we’re doing. Ideally, children around Year 4/5 could do most of these things in a couple of years, but let’s walk first, running comes later.

Phil Bagge (@baggiepr) did an e-safety version here, which is fab, but I want mine to encompass all aspects of ICT including office software, web 2.0 and hardware.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

So where are we going? We believe that the ICT competent child leaving us at the end of Year 6 will be:

  • Confident in using Office-based programs e.g. Microsoft Office or Google Docs
  • Proficient at using all software within school
  • Able to present their learning in a variety of different ways
  • Able to evaluate which software/web tool they will need for a particular task
  • Able to solve minor trouble-shooting tasks e.g. no sound: check volume, check speakers are plugged in
  • Record using audio/video equipment and transfer this to a PC/website
  • Able to use email proficiently
  • Manage their files and folders on the network, online and using USB Drives
  • Understand how to stay safe online when talking to others online and in chat rooms, MSN etc
  • Understand how to protect their online persona and think about how to use the internet safely
  • Responsible for remembering usernames and passwords and keeping these secure

What I will be doing is breaking these down to plan my ICT. E.g. to ensure children work online safely, I will have to do X, Y and Z.

What would you add or remove from this list? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.