This post will appeal to about 0.1% of you, but for me, it marked a huge win and a triumph that I have finally found the answer to my problems.

We have one main school blog and then on each class blog we have a list of links that relate to our other blogs. The idea is that from any of our blogs, whether it be class 3, class 10 or the outdoor blog, you can get to all of the others.

This was setup manually so on each of our 15-or-so blogs I had to manually enter the addresses for the other blogs. They have changed a few times during the year (added reception, removed school council) and it’s been a pain.

But then today I found the Diamond Multisite Widget (available here) and this just automatically adds all of your blogs onto your page and you can also choose to add the latest comments from across your whole-school blog site too. I previously had the latest comments per blog e.g. the latest 5 from the clubs blog, now it shows them all. I’m much happier. It all looks better 🙂

Anyways, that was my little success today.