I wrote way back in July last year about my need to create an ICT policy for my school. I felt that it would make sense to have one policy to encompass ICT, e-safety, social media and anything that I thought I would need. So I tweeted and emailed people that I thought would be able to help and share and many replied sending their policy or the one created by their local authority. I then spend time brainstorming the features of my policy and using bits from different policies that existed or writing it myself if I couldn’t find it.

This has taken a while. It is only now that I am in a position to share it with you all. I have also made lots of changes as we have learnt more about blogging, Google apps and other systems throughout the school.

Now, I have never written a policy before so I am a little nervous about sharing it, but I am hoping that if one school finds it useful, it will have been worth sharing. But a few things…

  • Children have helped to write the KS1 and KS2 acceptable use policies
  • Relevant parts will be shared with parents, staff and governors in the coming weeks
  • I have written this with the ICT Mark and 360Safe guidelines in mind, we may not go for these awards but felt it useful to try and reach the standards that they set

So here it is, the link is below and I have embedded it if you would like to read it. Huge thank you to the very generous people who helped me along with the process.

Updated January 2013 – St john’s ict policy