I’ve finally sat down after a crazy day at bett. After the train announcer said there was a motor fault on the train, i was a little worried how the day would go. Luckily marion from @netintelligence offered to look after my bag, helping reduce queueing time. First stop was to go and see @digitalmaverick at the first ever #tmtakeover. While there i met @joga5 aka bill lord and @dughall, although i was also tigged too! My tmtakeover went well, the crowd started with about ten, reduced to 5 or so at one point but finished with about 25, so i’ll take that as a success. Thanks to @chrisrat for hosting. Bett is a strange experience, wandering from one stand to another, watching people just walking up to take pens and the like. My freebies today include chocolate from espresso and free tea and coffee from o2 upstairs. It was great to meet the fellow tweeters and also great to be present at the naace stand to see droxford school recieve their ict mark award. The second tmtakeover had just 3 attendants, but that just gave it a more intimate feel. I’ve had a great day meeting people, catching up with 2simple, espresso etc and sharing ideas with others. Here’s to tomorrow where i’m looking forward to @lisibo and @tombarrett and of course teachmeet. brilliant day, well done everyone. Oh, @johnmclear looks just like his avatar, it.s weird!

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