I wrote a little while ago about an idea that I had. My idea was to copy someone else’s idea and to change it a bit. I did ask permission first and was told it was fine to do so…

The idea was from @mrsbee12 and she sends her Kiwi bird, Trevor, to other schools. While Trevow is in the other school, he writes about his journey for Mrs Bee’s class to read. While doing this, they of course learn about the culture and children in another school and even another country. So it’s community cohesion or gloabl awareness or I’ll just call it a fab idea.

A few weeks ago, my school had a visit from Magnie the whale who normally lives in Scotland with @carolinebreyley but Magnie wanted a holiday so he visited our Year 1 class and the children had a great time. Magnie came with a passport and a box of treats including presents for the children and postcards from Scotland. While here, the children learnt about the island he was from and looked at how far he had travelled using Google Maps. This just made me want to try the idea even more.

So with the help of @mattlovegrove, I set up a website called Class Pet Holidays. The idea is that you can either be a teacher who wants to provide a holiday home for a pet or you are the owner of a pet that needs a holiday in another school. Then you simply fill out your details on the relevant page and this gets collected in a Google doc. I can then share the Google doc with the teachers involved and they can make contact and sort out the holidays as needed.After the holiday, they send some blog posts or feedback and we can share it on the site.

Will it work? Who knows. I’ve shown it to a few people already (thanks guys) and they’ve said it’s a great idea. I think it’s a very silly idea that could have huge potential. People are always talking about making links with other schools. Maybe this is one way of making it happen.

Oh…the site can be found here: www.classpetholidays.com