Totally different blog post to usual, but one that I hope leads to at least 1 person donating some money and making a difference.

I’m not sure how many of you donate to any charities. Some of you might donate regularly, some might do it if a friend is running a race or something similar. But about a year ago I donated in a different way. Kiva ( is a website that lets you donate money to projects around the world. This isn’t just a way of giving money and never hearing about where it went. You lend it to a business or project and then they pay it back over time. This money might help a family to buy building materials so he can build a house or it might give supplies to a farmer to start off his business or it might stock up a local shop so that the owner can sell products to local people.




Here’s how it works:

When we ran an enterprise topic last year, we donated around $100 to Kiva and this money is still going strong. It’s been paid back and lent out again a number of times, but each time, it feels like the chance to make a bit of a difference.

So if you want to give it a try, visit this link and who knows, maybe you can make a difference.

*If you click that link, I will get a bonus referral fee from Kiva to donate to a project on the site. Alternatively, just visit