This is the fourth post in the 2020 version of setting up GSuite and using it within the classroom.

My current plan for blog posts is:

  1. What is GSuite?
  2. How to sign-up to GSuite
  3. Checking settings and uploading users
  4. Using Google Drive <<This post
  5. Using Google Classroom
  6. Using Gmail in the classroom
  7. GSuite FAQs

This is a very short post just showing how to access Google Drive and how to share documents with others. In the video below, it shows how to share with one user at a time however, if you have created a group (step 3 above) then that group would get an email address e.g. so you could share it with that email and all members of the group would get access. In reality though, Google Classroom might be a better option. Using that is in the fifth step above.