The last #ukedchat of my academic year is due to be hosted by…me! I say my academic year because many people have already broken up for summer but hey, some of us will plough on until the 27th (!!) of July.

So, on Thrusday 21st July at 8pm, join me on Twitter to discuss a round-up of your school year. That’s right, no voting this week, it’s my chat so it’s my rules.

So what have you done this year that has worked really well? What hasn’t worked? What have you learnt? What are you going to try next year? What new tools/methods have you employed within your classroom or school?

Also, I don’t want this all about tech!!! Have you used a great new strategy in writing? Have your children suddenly understood something because of a new method you’ve tried to teach subtraction? All ideas are welcome.

The benefit of there being no vote is that you have a week to write a blog post, collate examples and share these with us on Thursday night, should you so wish.

So, join me for a chat, nothing heavy, and be prepared to share, share, share and be inspired. I promise* that you’ll take away at least ten new ideas that you can try in your classroom next year.

*all promises must be taken with a pinch of salt

EDIT – I’m really sorry but I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that I won’t be hosting ukedchat this week as I am helping with the Y6 production. The good news is that Mr Dughall McCormick will be hosting instead.