So…how’s everything going with just 1 day to go?

The goody bags have all arrived and have been sorted. There’s a lot of stuff inside the bags, some of it is information, catalogues and leaflets, but most of it is free stuff! So let’s take a closer look at some of the goodies…

  • A sign-up form for a 6 month helping of Purple Mash
  • A sign-up form (plus badge and poster) for BrainPop
  • 2 CDs containing TEN e-books from Rising Stars – plus permission to convert them to Flash and upload to VLEs, very exciting!
  • Pens from 2Simple, Scholastic and AgileICT
  • Postits from 2Simple and AgileICT
  • A magazine from Scholastic

Charlie and I spent a ‘fun’ hour packing all of the gifts into the bags, wondering what we would run out of first. Let’s hope no-one notices if they’re missing a pen or a badge!


What else has been sorted?

Equipment – After looking through the free stuff, I thought it would be great to have a couple of computers available for people to explore some of the freebies that are available, so those will be on their way.

Streaming – All sorted. I spent a bit of time video conferencing with myself on two different PCs. I think it’s all OK and we should be able to record it all too!

Guides – I have made a guide for converting the free e-books into sort-of-Flash so it can be embedded into a VLE, this can be found here: I will be making a 2Lasso guide later this evening so everyone can use Purple Mash within their VLE too.This has already been sent to the organisers of TeachMeet Blackpool.

Presentations – We have had 3 presenters drop out in less than 24 hours due to a variety of commitments, so maybe I should prepare a presentation after all!

Attendees / Lurkers – Hard to judge due to PrimaryPad issues over the weekend. We had 65 before the crash, 13 have since been added, plus 8 are coming from Charlie’s school, so that makes around 86 people I think, but I know at least two that are coming that have been unable to sign up.

Twitter List – Who’s coming? Why not go find out? Here is a list of everyone that I know of on Twitter that is coming to TeachMeet.

Photos РChris Ratcliffe (@chrisrat) from Scholastic has very kindly agreed to take some photos of the event and share them online. The photo album is available already  and this can be found here:

TeachMeet Page – I have tidied the TeachMeet page and put all of the links on there, this is here:

Delicious – I’ve shared a delicious link so all sites used on the night can be shared with everyone. These can be found at:

Still to do –

  1. 2Lasso guide.
  2. Programme of presentations for the tables.
  3. Pack the camera, laptop, Flip Camera, signing in sheets, name labels, and anything else I can think of.
  4. Load up the car
  5. Sleeeeeeep

I’m buzzing about the event now, very excited, but very nervous. Let’s hope everyone enjoys themselves and if you can’t make it, please watch us online and support TeachMeet. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to present next time?