One thing I hate about Twitter is a service where people’s tweets are collated together and put on to a daily newspaper called the ‘tech daily’ or whatever. Sometimes I get alerted to these as my tweets or blog posts appear in them. Does anyone read them?

I certainly don’t and see it almost as spam and I don’t think I’m alone. Someone tweeted once ‘Whenever a daily edition is published, a fairy dies, stop it now’ and that is my reaction too. Until now.

I still hate the daily newspapers but I have found a use for them. I have set up to publish a weekly roundup of blogs from my school.

So how did I do it? First, you need a Twitter account. You also need a blog (or 15ish in our case), all of the blog posts feed automatically through the Twitter account using Twitterfeed. Then I went to and asked it to create a weekly newspaper collating all of the blogposts/tweets from our school account, @stjohnswaltham.

This now sends me a newspaper each Sunday and the first thing I do? Send it to all of our children in Key Stage 2.

Do you want to have a look? Visit:

I’d love it if you could subscribe or click on a post and leave some comments. I’m not sure how you categorise the posts e.g. technology or leisure, but it looks great and the children will now get blog posts each week direct to their inbox.