Our PTA (called PAFS – Parents and Friends) wanted to have an area online for communicating with parents and the wider school community. We talked about a static page on our school site that updated now and again depending on events that were happening within school. I have moved them towards a blogsite though.

For me this gives the key elements that they would need.

There are static pages for the ‘who are we?’ type information. There are the blog posts for news updates and photos and then there is the ability for parents to comment and give feedback. For the photos, I could also allow children to have contributor rights so that they can add photos and posts too. After-all, lots of children can Photopeach or Animoto with no problem now so giving them author rights on the PTA blog could be very useful indeed.

So, here is our new site. I haven’t shown it to the PTA yet but I thought I’d share my initial thoughts with you first: St John’s PAFS page

Do you think it will be useful? Do you do anything for your school PTA? Who manages it? I’d be interested to hear your ideas and opinions.