Earlier this year, I spent some time working with Rising Stars to create an online CPD course aimed at improving the use of ICT across the Primary curriculum. I realised that I hadn’t blogged about this yet and thought it sensible to share it. The course is titled “Embedding ICT in the Primary Curriculum” and is for all teachers, not just ICT Leaders. The course is completed online meaning that teachers can work through it in their own time and come back to it as often as they need to.

The course is split into four modules:

  • ICT and Literacy
  • Images and Animated Videos
  • Finding and Presenting Information
  • Blogging in the Curriculum

Each module contains some links to free software or websites as well as suggestions of how they can be used in the class. Alongside the activities there are often help videos showing how a tool works.

I hope that this course is useful to teachers and will give them some ideas for using ICT with their children.

The course can be found here: http://essentialcpd.co.uk