I have finally returned home after a long, but exciting few days at BETT.I went for 2 days last year, but managed to stay for 3 this time around. Posting this on the Sunday means that everyone has already made it home and blogged already!
The most exciting thing for me was the TeachMeet Takeover and the Teachmeet event on the Friday night. I want to say thank you to everyone for organising the events and the effort that was put in. It was scary enough volunteering to present at TeachMeet, let alone being the first one chosen to present! Luckily @lisibo followed me and I think our talks complemented each other quite nicely as I explained how to make a Voki and then Lisa showed them in use!

Here’s a pictureof me in front of 250+ people, thanks to @iusher for the picture.

I will post later about the exciting products I saw at BETT, but this post is more about Teachmeet and the wonderful people that I met. I was lucky enough to meet some fantastic people and to list them all would take ages and I am sure to miss someone! But thank you to everyone for all of their help and support before and during BETT.

The supportive tweets after my presentation also took my breath away and I thank everyone that made a comment! I know at least 2 people have made a VOKI since and one that is using it with her class on Monday. I have never thought of myself as innovative before, but I love that I can share ideas with others.

To quote Lisa, ‘What seems like old hat for you is a lightbulb moment for someone else’

The biggest inspiration from anyone though came from the guy that talked about the TeachMeet in Holland. I immediately turned to Phil (@baggiepr) and began planning how we would go about organising a TeachMeet Hampshire at our annual ICT Conference. I have drafted an email already and who knows Maybe we can make it happen.

Thanks again to everyone for inspiring me and making BETT very enjoyable this year!