I have been approached by the Eat Happy Project to spread the word of their good work. So this is a guest post, I hope you find it useful.


As part of my role as Social Enterprise coordinator, it is my job to find new and exciting projects; linking new and existing local businesses. We’ve been working with Tesco’s Eat Happy Project  and in the first instance, their Farm to Fork Trails; visiting the store with children to look at produce, services and taste new foods. There therefore seemed an obvious link with their Online Field Trips and we couldn’t wait to get involved so that our children could find out more about the origin of everyday food. Our group chose Cracking Cheese from the Wensleydale Creamery in Yorkshire. The class couldn’t wait to participate in such an exciting and interactive lesson.

We have used Skype in the past to connect with other schools and businesses. We therefore looked forward to the opportunity to connect with schools and farms in real-time. The question and answer session was particularly fruitful and the children gained a lot from sharing their ideas and insights. It also gave the staff the opportunity to develop their understanding of Google Hangouts and this is something we have since used.


The children were able to see the food producers at the Wensleydale Creamery, ask questions and talk to a wide range of people whose knowledge of different cheese was wide-ranging. The children had the opportunity to taste the different cheeses, as the Eat Happy Project sent over samples for every child to try during the Online Field Trip. This added a different dimension to the learning experience and gave the children an opportunity to try new food.



The Eat Happy Project also provided the teacher with a variety of lesson plans, activities and worksheets to support the learning before, during and after the lesson. All this was free for the school and ensured the teacher was ready and prepared for the Online Field Trip with minimal extra work.

Overall, the ‘trip’ was highly positive and one we look forward to continuing to develop in the future.

Tricia Harding, Robinswood Primary School, Gloucester


Here is the calendar for Online Field Trips in the autumn term:


Honey – 11 September 1.30pm

Sweetcorn – 18 September 1.30pm

Rice – 25 September (time TBC)

Broccoli – 2 October 1.30pm

Pumpkin & squash – 9 October 1.30pm

Baked beans – 6 November 1.30pm

Bread – 13 November 1.30pm

Potatoes – 20 November 1.30pm

Tea – 27 November (time TBC)

Clementines – 4 December 1.30pm

Cranberries – 11 December 1.30pm


If you and your class would like to join a live Online Field Trip please contact the Eat Happy Project at team@eathappyproject.com


If you’d like to watch the live Online Field Trip with your class (but not participate), visit the Eat Happy Project website: http://www.eathappyproject.com/farm-to-fork/online-field-trips/


Or find them on Google+: Eat Happy Project

Twitter: @EatHappyProject