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Following on from Part 1 which looked at registering and setting up the domain for Google Apps, this post will discuss how to configure your domain to get it up and running. Click on a link below to open a Google Document that can then be downloaded or printed as required. I would suggest going through them in the order they are listed.

**Edit 20th June 2013 There has been a change to the Google Apps Dashboard, the new help guides are indicated below. Current Google Apps Users may find that they have the old admin dashboard for a while yet. I will leave both guides available until further notice. **

Creating Organizations and Uploading Users (New Guide) – This includes how to create the CSV/Excel file to upload users in bulk.

Adding Users 1 at a time (New Guide)

Creating Groups (New Guide) – Useful if you want to email a whole class or all staff at once

Choosing which services to enable (New Guide) – Google Apps provides access to lots of services, you might not want them all enabled.

Settings (New Guide) – Choosing which settings are enabled/configured for the different Google Apps tools.

Google Apps Marketplace (New Guide) – Adding Apps from the Marketplace

Advanced Tools and Reports (New Guide) – Not really used by most people, but useful to see what is there.

Part 3 will follow soon, this will look at what to do now that you have Google Apps all setup and running.


What is Google Apps?
Friday, March 02nd, 2012 | Author:

With all the talk of the Google Teacher Academy and Google Apps bouncing around recently, many people have been very excited. However many others have been left confused by how Google Apps can help in their school or what it even is! So in association with Vital, I will be holding two webinars to discuss how we have been using Google Apps within our school and to show some of the features.

These webinars will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 6th March and Tuesday 20th March. They will last around an hour, are completely free and will also be recorded. I will put the links on here an hour before we start. To attend you simply click the link and the chatroom will open. If you want to join the discussion then please have a microphone plugged in too.

If you have any questions about Google Apps, then please do contact me or leave a comment in the box below.

So, I look forward to seeing you (virtually) on either the 6th or 20th of March.


Here is my Google Apps video tour on Under Ten Minutes.

For an alternative, follow @kvnmcl on Twitter and he’ll tweet details nearer the time. He is organising a Google hangout on Saturday 3rd March 10am – 1pm.


Edit: The recording of my session is here