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BETT – Teachmeet Takeover and Kidsmeet Takeover
Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 | Author:

This post is just to announce that the wiki pages for Teachmeet Takeover and Kidsmeet Takeover at BETT2013 are now live.

If you are unaware, a Takeover is where a company gives up part of their stand for 30 minutes so that a teacher or group of children, can share some ideas about anything. This is usually a free tool or idea and it should be something that can be easily replicated in the classroom.

For example, last year two of my children discussed Popplet on the Scholastic stand and then I talked about 5 cool web 2.0 tools on the Rising Stars stand. It can be anything that you have used or tried in your classroom. A good way to approach this is get someone to share a 30minute timeslot with.

So what do we need? Well we need two things. Firstly we need people willing to present and secondly we need companies willing to share their stand with the presenters, If you are one of those, then click the links below and sign-up on the Wiki.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

PS: Yes, there is a Teachmeet on the Friday of BETT and no, details aren’t all sorted yet!

Teachmeet Takeover at BETT2013

Kidsmeet Takeover at BETT2013

Spreading the word
Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 | Author:

As you may be aware, there is a Teachmeet happening in Hampshire in 2 weeks time. If you are aware then you might have seen it in one of the following places:

  • Here on this blog
  • On the Teachmeet Hants blog
  • On the Hampshire BLT page
  • Via Twitter
  • By being my friend on Facebook
  • Through the Hampshire ICT Primary mailing list

So far those are all online forms of communication. They also all require the teachers to be proactive and to either follow me/@hantsblt on Twitter, be my friend or look through the blogs. Even the mailing list isn’t a compulsory thing. This is a list aimed at ICT Coordinators that anyone can sign-up to. I have then posted a few emails out too. So after two weeks of multiple posts and tweets…how many people do we have attending? 28.

If I wrote this post 24 hours ago it would be 21. Why did 7 people sign-up today? My latest post on the mailing list mentioned freebies, prizes and cake. Maybe that helped to convince them!

So how do we get beyond the techy-teachers? How do we reach the amazing teachers that haven’t joined Twitter or been to a Teachmeet before? One answer might be using mail. Paper-based mail.

We have created a flyer and then through the wonders of the Hampshire website, I have copied and pasted the addresses of 196 schools from the East Hampshire, Havant, Fareham, Gosport and Winchester areas of Hampshire and stuck them onto labels. We then spent an hour with our nieces stuffing envelopes, labelling them up and getting them ready to post on Monday morning. Luckily in Hampshire we have a free internal mail system so I can pop the envelopes into that and hope they arrive in schools by Friday. But then what?

Without a named contact for the school, will the flyer even get past the gatekeepers? The office staff. Well we have written a cheeky note to “the wonderful person who opened this letter” asking them to pass it to the head, deputy, ICT coordinator or anyone that might be interested in attending. Alternatively just post it in the staffroom and see what happens.

Teachmeets tend to attract ICT coordinators but maybe this is due to the techy nature of the advertising – through wikis, Twitters and blogs for example. Maybe this paper-based approach will work. Also on the flyer we have asked people to sign-up to the Hampshire BLT mailing list so that we can email them directly in future if there are more events.

A few times throughout the process of making the flyers, going to the shop in the rain to buy envelopes, copying and pasting the 200 addresses and stuffing the envelopes, I did ask myself the question of why. Why are we doing this? Why have we spent 5+ hours on marketing a free event? I think the answer is that we have had our eyes opened to the great world of sharing that exists beyond the classroom through blogs and Twitter and we hope that by having this event, more people will see that too. Maybe I should do a Twitter talk as my presentation?

Anyways….see you all in two weeks for the next Teachmeet.

#tmhants is back
Monday, October 29th, 2012 | Author:

The first Teachmeet of this academic year is to be held at Titchfield Primary School, Fareham, on Thursday 15th November. We will aim to kick-off at 4:30pm and will finish around 6pm. There will also be the chance to go for food afterwards too. Arrival is welcome from 4pm when drinks and nibbles will be served.

Titchfield Primary School is here: Southampton Road  Fareham PO14 4AU

So that’s the important bits…but what is a Teachmeet? Well it’s a meeting of teachers where they come together and share ideas. If you haven’t got any ideas or don’t want to share, that is fine. Come along and listen. It is an event organised by teachers to look at some great things that are happening in local schools. So, if you want to attend, fill in the form below.

Oh…it’s free too!

Prizes on offer: Subscription to Springboard Stories

Free stuff for everyone! – Trial of Busy Things until Easter 2013 (worth £50). Purple Mash for 3 months (worth £150)

For details on the presentations, please visit: www.teachmeethants.co.uk

TM Pompey
Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 | Author:

There are many fabulous people on Twitter, but one of my favourites (if I am allowed to have favourites) is David Rogers. He is always trying to get the rest of us involved in naughty learning and it’s always loads of fun. In fact, I was at a conference listening to one of his sessions and then 5minutes later, under his instructions, I was climbing a tree in the hotel and being told off by security. I was trying to catch a falling leaf at the time.

Anyway…David is organising the latest Teachmeet in Hampshire and this will be happening on July 4th at Action Stations in Portsmouth. Not one for a normal Teachmeet, this one will also feature Laser Quest. Obviously.

So, if CPD, sharing ideas and lasers sound like your perfect evening…then add your name to the wiki or contact me and I will do it for you.

The wiki is here: http://teachmeet.pbworks.com/w/page/54097153/TeachMeet%20Pompey

I hope to see some of you there. Also, if you fancy presenting or sending a video presentation, please do let me know too! (Or contact David of course)

Teachmeet at Bett2012
Monday, December 12th, 2011 | Author:

This time of year comes around very quickly. No not the Christmas thing, the Teachmeet at Bett thing. Somehow, like last year, I have had a small part in helping to organise is. Just like last year we started discussing it ages ago yet we reach December and we’re only just letting other people know about it! Oops…

Anyway, for those that don’t know, there is a Teachmeet event on the Friday night at the Bett show and this involves teachers sharing ideas with each other. My first-ever Teachmeet was at Bett2010 and I was the first up to present!

This year we are following many of the same procedures we started last year. The tickets are available through Eventbrite and they are available to teachers first. Later we will open this up to advisors and other people but for now, it’s all about the teachers!

So sign up quick. There are limited places and it always fills the room.

For more details check out the Teachmeet wiki and why not sign up to do a presentation? It would be AMAZING to get some new people presenting this year. I promise it isn’t that scary. It’s only 7 (or even 2) minutes long.

Anyway, for a more informative post, check out Ian Usher’s which is over here and I hope to see you all at Teachmeet, the Takeovers or somewhere else at the BETT show!

Teachmeet Takeover Bett2012
Sunday, December 04th, 2011 | Author:

You have probably started to think about your trip to the Bett Show in January. Will you go along looking for new ideas or a great piece of software that you’ve been missing in your school? Or will you be like many of us and go along to share and collaborate with others?

For me, Bett is about talking to like-minded teachers from across the country and being able to share ideas and bounce things around with them. Twitter really comes alive when you meet the people behind the tweets and at Bett2010 I was able to do that when I attended (and presented at) some of the Teachmeet Takeovers that were happening around the Bett Show.

In a nutshell, a takeover is when a teacher goes and presents on a stand about an idea or resource that is nothing to do with the company whose stand they are on. Now, there are some companies that REALLY get this idea and some that don’t. One company asked my why would anyone want to give up their paid-for slot just for some teachers? Luckily, we have some great supporters to help us out. We have created a wiki page and some of the supporters of previous Takeovers such as Scholastic, Rising Stars and BrainPop have already signed up to offer their stands to teachers who want to share ideas.

If you are familiar with the Takeover format and style then you will be pleased to know that we have changed very little. The biggest change is that we are asking for presentations to be 15 minutes in length. Previously they tended to be half hour and this is too much for the audience and attention span at Bett. Also, we didn’t have Takeovers on the Wednesday before as it tends to be quieter but we are giving it a go this year.

To sign-up, click the link below. Then you log-in and add your name into a slot on the table. Remember that slots are 30 minutes so we will ideally like 2 people per slot to fill it up.

So why not sign-up and present for 15 minutes? What have you got to lose?

If you’re not brave enough to present, you can still help. When you go to Bett, attend some of the takeovers and presentations. Be the supportive voice in the crowd or try and encourage others to watch too.

If you have a stand at Bett (or you know someone that does), please edit the document to add your names and contact details! 


And for blog posts on previous Takeovers…try Tom Barrett’s blog here or here or the BrainPop post here.

*Please note, there will be details about the Teachmeet event at Bett soon*


tmhants @ Priory
Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 | Author:

I’ve just got back from the latest Teachmeet Hampshire event, this was the second to carry the name and the hash tag but was far removed from the grand affair that we had with 90-odd people at St Mary’s Stadium just over a year ago.

To start with there were 15 people. Now you might look at this as a low turn out, but this was kind of the point. The point is that we wanted the teachmet to be on a small scale so that anyone can take on the idea and use it within their own school. Ok, so this one was hosted by the legendary David Rogers (@daviderogers) but it didn’t need to be. In terms of venue and hosting we had a classroom, some drinks and some (wonderful) sandwiches and cake. Perfect for the end of the day. It doesn’t have to be big!

It was a nice event with opportunity to chat to each other, catch up with some colleagues etc but there were a couple of things that I think will need improving for next time. This isn’t to take anything away from the event but just things to be careful of as we move forwards in the ‘little events but held often’ approach.

1 – There is a danger of the same people attending the events. Out of the 15, 4 or 5 were from David’s school (which is great) and 6ish had been to the last Teachmeet a few months back in Winchester.  Obviously the same people attending isn’t a bad thing per se, but if the same people present, then there is a bit of pressure to keep choosing new topics every time.

2 – When there is a small group, there is the worry about primary and secondary. I know there were some ideas that could transfer from one to the other (like @geodebs brilliant little people thing) I do think that maybe we could/should label these events as primary, secondary, geography whatever so that people are aware of what they’re getting themselves in for. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t know. I did feel a little silly showing Poisson Rouge to a group of secondary teachers!!!

It was a nice event, small, intimate, great food, good chat and home in time for the apprentice. Teachmeet doesn’t need to be a massive thing and tonight was a great example of a small event working well.

Next stop? New Milton on 29th September.

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 | Author:

Here are two videos that I recorded for Teachmeet Clevedon (#tmclevedon).

The first is a variation of the 7 ideas in 7 minutes theme. I show Avatar Comparison Tool, Isle of Tune, 3x3links, Under Ten Minutes, Ideas to Inspire, Physics Games and Wordsearchmaker.

The second video shows Infant Encyclopedia and i-board, two great infant resources that we love using in school.