Yet again Twitter has helped out. We are holding a Maths evening for parents this week and each year team are going to be sharing ideas to support parents and encourage the use of Maths at home. Now, being a PPA teacher, I didn’t want to be left out so I suggested that I share some useful websites because I knew of a few such as Tutpup, Nrich and PrimaryGamesArena. So I set to work taking screenshots of those and adding them to a PowerPoint. While doing this, I sent a tweet asking for ideas and once again I wasn’t let down. Even on a Sunday afternoon. So to be fair, I have collected the links and these are now embedded in the PPT below.

I hope you will find it useful too.Thanks to everyone for sharing. I have left off sites like Education City and Mathletics as I wanted to keep this free.

***Note: To download it, click on the arrow at the bottom of the presentation***

And yes I know, it’s not pretty. My job was just to find useful sites 🙂