Weirdly, it will take me longer to write this blog post than it did to actually start, plan and finish my latest project! Oh well…

@charliedeane has a class bear. Last year he had some adventures with Charlie’s class and the children and parents wrote about what he was doing. Same as many, many other schools I’m sure. This year, it’s moving to a blog and he also has a Twitter account @buttonstails. A few other teachers have started blogging with their class pets too and during a chat on Twitter, I joked that we should start a blogging zoo or pet shop.

So I did.

I could’ve spent ages creating a site. I could’ve spent 15minutes creating a domain and a blog. Instead I spent 1 minute using (I blogged about it here) and created a weblist page instead.

If you have a class pet that has started blogging or tweeting, get in touch with me and I’ll add it to the zoo.

The zoo is available here: