I’ve just got back from the latest Teachmeet Hampshire event, this was the second to carry the name and the hash tag but was far removed from the grand affair that we had with 90-odd people at St Mary’s Stadium just over a year ago.

To start with there were 15 people. Now you might look at this as a low turn out, but this was kind of the point. The point is that we wanted the teachmet to be on a small scale so that anyone can take on the idea and use it within their own school. Ok, so this one was hosted by the legendary David Rogers (@daviderogers) but it didn’t need to be. In terms of venue and hosting we had a classroom, some drinks and some (wonderful) sandwiches and cake. Perfect for the end of the day. It doesn’t have to be big!

It was a nice event with opportunity to chat to each other, catch up with some colleagues etc but there were a couple of things that I think will need improving for next time. This isn’t to take anything away from the event but just things to be careful of as we move forwards in the ‘little events but held often’ approach.

1 – There is a danger of the same people attending the events. Out of the 15, 4 or 5 were from David’s school (which is great) and 6ish had been to the last Teachmeet a few months back in Winchester. ¬†Obviously the same people attending isn’t a bad thing per se, but if the same people present, then there is a bit of pressure to keep choosing new topics every time.

2 – When there is a small group, there is the worry about primary and secondary. I know there were some ideas that could transfer from one to the other (like @geodebs brilliant little people thing) I do think that maybe we could/should label these events as primary, secondary, geography whatever so that people are aware of what they’re getting themselves in for. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t know. I did feel a little silly showing Poisson Rouge to a group of secondary teachers!!!

It was a nice event, small, intimate, great food, good chat and home in time for the apprentice. Teachmeet doesn’t need to be a massive thing and tonight was a great example of a small event working well.

Next stop? New Milton on 29th September.