This post has been written to ask for your help and support. Each year for the past four years, there has been a Takeover event at BETT. This is where companies give up their stand for half hour slots so that teachers can come and present on a range of free software, ideas or experiences from the classrooms.

I have created a sign-up page for the Takeover but at the moment, I don’t want or need any presentations because we haven’t got any companies on-board. That is where you come in. Do you have a contact at a company that is presenting at BETT? Could you ask/persuade them to give up 30 minutes so that we can share some ideas? If you can, direct them to the page below or ask them to get in touch with either myself or @ictmagic and we can talk to them about what is involved.

Once we have a number of timeslots available, we will ask for teachers to sign-up to present ideas. Hopefully we can get a range of different sessions across the four days of BETT.


To sign-up, please visit the TMTakeover wiki page here.