I’m looking for a new job. My secondment runs out in July and I’m thinking I need to move to something new. What sort of job or what challenge I should go for can wait for another post. For this post, I wanted to show how I used Wordle.

For most jobs, you need to write a 2 page letter to support your statement. I find these hard to write and never know how I’m coming across. Do I mention ICT too much? Probably, I’m currently an ICT Consultant. So, to help me understand my statement a little better, I went to Wordle and pasted in my letter.

What does this tell me? ‘Children’ and ‘ICT’ are the two topics that I talk about most but other key words include ideas, learning and teaching.

What can I do better? I obviously use ‘also’ and ‘within’ a bit too much and I should probably change my connectives for the next application I send in.

So, would you employ me in your school from this? Should I send a Wordle with my next application form to make it easier for the head teacher? Why not Wordle your supporting statement and see what your strengths are.