I wrote in the Summer about my plans for ICT. Now I have been in the school for half a term I have a better knowledge of what is happening and where I would like to go. Currently we have 1 ICT slot a week per class and this is ‘when ICT happens’. This might be using the netbooks or it might be in the suite, but generally ICT is supposed to be in those time slots. But…lots of teachers have been happy to get netbooks as and when to do a bit extra. This might be creating a story in 2Create a Super Story or researching online, so the shift is happening towards a more cross-curricular approach.I know most people did this a while ago, but that’s where we are.

So my job is now to guide the staff and to plan appropriately for the ICT across the school. They seem keen, they just need ideas and support to get going. So how do I start?

I envisage planning a range of generic lesson plans that meet NC objectives and marry up with the level descriptors so that teachers can pick and choose the ICT that they want to do that half term. These eventually would be linked to our ICT assessment (not yet written) so it would be easy to assess where the children are. If they fancy doing 4 weeks of presentations, that’s fine, but better yet, they could do 4 sessions of presentations in the same week. I say generic plans because I think that most areas of ICT can be achieved in whatever topic. If I plan 4 sessions of using presentation software (not just PPT) then they should be able to pick this up and use it in Tudors, Victorians, Plants or Space. There are some things that will fit better with certain subjects – Google maps when studying the local area – but these can be used as and when.These add-ons could also be listed so teachers can pick and choose as they wish.

Generic also helps when a fancy new piece of software or web2 tech comes along later. If I write a plan for ‘making an e-book’ then the teachers could have a go at using MyEBook.com, 2CASS or Zooburst.com. It would all depend on their focus. They could use our help guides and adapt.

I would then link all of these plans on our website so that the teachers could click on a topic (e.g. presentations or databases) or a NC objective and the plans would come up.

Does this seem like a good way to go?

Things I want to avoid:

*Everything being taught in 6 week blocks – some things take 2 sessions and others need a couple here and a couple later

*Being software dependant – yes I will teach powerpoint, but more importantly I will plan how to ‘make a good presentation’

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this. It is a huge task, but one that also has huge potential.