In the past year or so we have been doing a lot of blogging at school and in the past few months we’ve been making websites using Google Sites. One thing that the children have enjoyed doing is embedding content from other sites.

What does embedding mean? Basically it is taking content from one place and putting it somewhere else. This is most often seen with sites such as YouTube where their videos can be taken and used on people’s blogs and shared with a wider audience. The video isn’t really on your blog, it is still on YouTube’s site, but it looks like it is on your page.

My children were asking me what other places provided them with things to embed and I started making a list. Now I know others on twitter have done this already but I couldn’t recall where the lists were. So I thought about the tools I use and the Interesting Ways and Ideas to Inspire sites sprung to mind. So I have made my own Google presentation. If you want to add a site or resource to it, email me (look at the final slide for contact details) and I’ll give you access to it.

People may find this resource to be random and ‘just a collection of links’ but hopefully we can include a few teaching tips, ideas and links to blog posts etc on the presentation too.

I hope you like it (when we’ve added more than 5 ideas of course!)