I’m planning ahead, but one of our objectives in September is about the children knowing the counties of the UK. Being right at the bottom of Hampshire, most of my children won’t have ventured into other counties so we were discussing how to make this a bit more exciting. My very creative colleague suggested asking for postcards…so that’s what I’m doing. So, if you would love to help out our Y3 classes, please send us a postcard from somewhere in the UK. This could be where you live or maybe you are off on a day trip somewhere. You don’t need to write a special message or anything, we would be happy with a blank postcard if it was easier! We will then investigate where they came from and began to learn more about the UK as a whole. If you would like to get really involved, add your Twitter/email and we may ping you a question or two.

Thanks in advance 🙂

Please send them to:

Ian Addison and Year 3

Riders Junior School

Kingsclere Avenue