Apologies for the awful title…

Just a quick post about Flip Video cameras, they’re fantastic. Very quick and easy to use and run on AA batteries. There are a multitude of different versions now including HD. The one I’ve been using is the basic vanilla version, £75ish if you look online.

We try to promote using video in the classroom as a way of encouraging children, especially those who find writing or reading difficult, as they would be able to upload these videos into the Learning Platform. To help them out, I wrote a quick guide. It’s aimed at users of our Learning Platform, Wizkid, but could be used by anyone who wants to try and get their staff using video in the classroom.

I’m sure there are better ways of converting movies to make them ‘web-ready’, but I try to stick to software that schools will already have. If you have a better idea, please share in the comment box below.

If you’re wondering how to use the Flip in class, why not check out the excellent ‘Interesting Ways’ slideshow here or on the Ideas to Inspire site here.

Converting Flip using Windows Movia Maker and Uploading via Vimeo Guide