This is the first time that someone else has shared an idea via my blog and it is great to see someone else willing to share ideas.

This message comes from Nick Phillips and he originaly sent it to the ICT Primary mailing list here in Hampshire, with his permission, I am reproducing it below.

I’ve been experimenting with green screen technology and have had some good results and the children have asked if they can do it at home – this is a bit tricky so I have been looking at cutting and pasting from one picture into another. With careful cutting you get similar results. (This is for still pictures only and not movies)

There are three attatchments with instructions for children which I will test out back at school – I’m hoping our yr6 will have a go when they do habitats and ‘Honey I shrunk the Kids’ by taking photos of grass etc and themselves and then superimposing one upon the other by cutting and pasting.

Of the three photofiltre is by far the easiest and its a free download

Nick’s Links are here:
Sumo Paint

Greenscreening is definitely something I want to try in my new school and I know that various people have tried different tools. Vital have a Springboard guide on their website here (you’ll need to register but it’s free).

I have head good things about Wax 2.0 as well.

Have you ever tried green/blue screening? What age groups have you worked with? Any tips or tricks to help us out?