Have you ever used Voki? It’s a great website that allows you to create a talking character or avatar and then embed this onto your blog, website or VLE. We use Voki a lot here in Hampshire within our VLE. Often, especially with younger children, the internet can be full of text, making it hard for them to follow and complete the task. With Voki, you can make these instructions come to life.

I have made the video below for Teachmeet East so that they can show this during the afternoon. After Teachmeet Hants, I know how useful it is to have a video or two up your sleeve just-in-case!

Please note: Voki is 13+. I would suggets making a Voki as a teacher and embedding it for the children to view rather than letting them create their own.

Oh…you’re probably wondering about the blog title? It’s a question I was asked when someone at training was playing with different avatars. Once your koala has a hat, you’re stuck with it I’m afraid!

Quick Guide to Voki from ian addison on Vimeo.