I’ve discussed my use of Google Apps a few times and my children really enjoy using the various tools that Google has to offer, internet is great, specially now that we can take Online courses. We started using it (properly) just 2 months ago and already we have had 180 children creating websites about their topics, staff moving all planning onto Google Docs and the Calendar in use on our school website. I see that we will continue to grow and grow with ways that we use it.

With this, others started asking how to do this or how to do that, so I thought I’d make a guide.the idea is that this guide will take you from nothing to being setup in a few hours (taken at a leisurely pace with a cup of tea and some biscuits).

Someone joked that this would be on www.undertenminutes.com but there is no way. It is a biggie. It has taken most of today to plan, write, screenshot and edit. I am very happy with it though. However it doesn’t even begin to discuss how to use any of the tools, that can be for the second edition!

So here it is. Thanks to @kvnmcl and @primarypete_ for checking it and thanks to all of the people on the last page for helping me along the way. I really hope that this is useful and it starts you on the journey to using Google in your school.

If you do have any questions, please email them to me or comment below. I will add updates to a later edition of the guide.

The guide is embedded (and downloadable) below or can be found at http://www.bit.ly/googleappsguide